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Technical Committee 3 - EDUCATION

Working Group WG 3.1
"Informatics and digital technologies

in School Education"

 established 1966, revised 2014 (Potsdam)

Mitglieder der Working Group 3.1



  • To provide an international viewpoint to the debate of informatics education in all levels of school pedagogies including research activities and best practice experience.
  • To promote the acquisition and updating of appropriate knowledge and expertise by all whose teaching environment requires contact with computer-based systems.
  • To consider the nature, content and method of delivery for school education, within informatics (computer science) and digital technologies (digital humanities, media literacy), which will enable learners to become discerning digital citizens who are able to act in a complex and digitalized world.


  • Early childhood and school education, including related informal learning contexts.
  • Informatics education and digital literacy.
  • The integration of digital technologies in education.
  • The professional development of teachers.
  • The provision of pre-service and in-service teacher education to enable educators to use and contribute to the development of digital educational resources, including professional learning networks.

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